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Review of Week 6

Genny looked back at some interesting talking points from the final week of the course.

Below are links to the comments mentioned by Genny.

Carmela Lamarina says that ‘a whole life is not enough to learn about Shakespeare’. Dolly Louvuois feels that that the course has given her back the interest to dive deep into Shakespeare and Masao Onoda left a long message saying he feels like he is learning in English, in a class located in England.

Jenni Mac shares a great list of the ingredients that The Tempest has in common with other plays.

A discussion featuring comments by Christine Gayford and María Quintana about forgiveness and mercy, the themes which go right through the play and have an impact on all of the characters within the play.

Susha A talks about Caliban.

Fiona Condon’s link of an adaptation of The Tempest, set in a women’s prison.

Here are the resources mentioned in Genny’s video:

Shakespeare’s Villains - Caliban
A post-colonial reading of The Tempest
The Tempest on screen
A very topical article: Shakespeare in Lockdown

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