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This week, the educators were joined by Lisa Peter, International Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, for a live broadcast on the British Council’s LearnEnglish Facebook page. You can watch the video here or on Facebook.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, we had difficulties with the sound in the first minute of the broadcast, and in the last few minutes. If you have problems understanding, just skip forward to around 0:40 seconds and it is clear from there onward.

During the broadcast, the educators talked about when and why rumours developed about whether or not Shakespeare wrote his plays. You can read all about the different theories, where they came from, and all the evidence that makes us absolutely sure that he did, in this free ebook from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

We had several questions about why Shakespeare set so many of his plays in Italy, and you can read more about that in this article from The British Library, Shakespeare and Italy. You can find out about all the other countries that Shakespeare set his plays in, from Scotland to Lebanon, here.

For questions about his education, family background, how he became so popular and more, one of the best resources is this ten-part series of podcasts, also from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. You can also read more about his schooldays and education here.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below.

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