Review of Week 3

In this video, the educators are joined by special guest Lisa Peter, International Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, to look back over the week and discuss some of the questions which were posted on Step 3.2.

One of the first questions asked about the real historical figure of Macbeth and you can find out more about his life here, and about some of the differences between the play and the actual events surrounding Duncan and Macbeth here. Lisa also talked about the sources that inspired Shakespeare to write this play, and you can find lots of background on that in this article.

You can find out about the political background and context in the period that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in this BBC Bitesize resource, and you can learn more about his contemporaries, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson, Thomas Kyd and others in this article from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

More information on Shakespeare’s family and children can be found in this article. Finally, you can find the answer to the question ‘How much was Shakespeare worth?’ in this podcast from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

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Coming up in Week 4

Next week we’ll look at one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies, Much Ado About Nothing. If you want to get started straight away, go to the To do list for Week 4.

If you haven’t completed every step by the end of the final week, don’t worry! The course will remain open to you after the end date so that you can carry on at your own speed.

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