Welcome to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3!

Last week, you explored what arable farming is and how arable crops are grown. We hope that you’ll now have a good understanding of some of the sustainability challenges faced in horticultural and arable farming, as well as the technologies being used to help them become more sustainable for a rapidly growing population.

3 pillars in a row entitled social, economic and environmental

Figure 1: Three pillars of sustainability

In this final Week, we turn to livestock farming. ‘Livestock’ is the collective term used for farm animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, poultry and goats. Livestock provide us with animal products such as milk, meat and eggs, which many of us enjoy consuming as part of our diet. We’ll explore some key facts about how they’re produced, the challenges livestock farmers face and how livestock farming may evolve in the future.

Enjoy the final Week.

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