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An image of Professor Nicky Milner excavating at Star Carr
Excavating at Star Carr

Welcome to our course on Star Carr

How this all works

Over the next four weeks we will be exploring the incredibly important archaeological site of Star Carr. We will consider a range of topics and explore our results from applying scientific techniques, digital technology and experimental archaeology. We will present you with films and articles, plus thought-provoking questions and discussion for you to consider with the course team and your fellow learners. There will also be additional materials you can work through if you want to enhance your learning further. There are also a couple of short tests if you want to gain validation for what you have learned.

We hope that a wide range of people do this course. Some of you may have done archaeology before, but some of you will be new to it. Through a range of articles, videos and access to further resources you can learn at whatever level suits you best.

Using FutureLearn

If this is the first time you have used FutureLearn, Welcome! You may find it useful to read the FAQ guide. You may also like to read this FutureLearn blog post even if you have used FutureLearn before, which explains about the in-course navigation. We also recommend reading five tips and tools for social learning on FutureLearn to get the most out of the interactive and social learning features of this course.

We hope you engage in discussions and comment on course materials which is an essential part of the learning experience. When contributing it is important that you follow the FutureLearn code of conduct and are respectful of your fellow learners.

You can also use the tools to ‘like’ the posts of others if you agree with what is being said or if you have found something particularly interesting or add your comments to an existing post if you want to develop those ideas further.

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Follow others

To get the most out of the course, we would strongly suggest that you follow Professor Nicky Milner who is lead educator on this course. To see Nicky’s comments in your activity feed or when using the ‘following’ filter in discussions, visit her FutureLearn profile and click “follow”.

We would also suggest you follow Donald Henson, Becky Knight, Andy Needham and Steph Piper who are Mentors on the course and will also be providing insights. You can also follow other learners to quickly see their comments and contributions to the discussion. To do this click the ‘Follow’ button next to their name (on their profile page).

Engage on social media

We have a hashtag – #FLYorkArchaeology – which you are more than welcome to use on social media to talk about the course and to find others who are talking about it too!

Evidence your learning

For anyone wishing to gain validation of their engagement with the course, details on requirements to be eligible for those at the completion of the course can be found within FutureLearn’s Guidance of Certificates and Statements. It’s worth building this into your study model at the very start, so do think about this as we enter the first week.

You may also like to consider FutureLearn’s Unlimited opportunity, which offers unlimited access to hundreds of courses each year.

Let’s get started

We are going to start with an introduction to the Mesolithic and the site of Star Carr….so let’s get started. When you have finished, please Mark as complete below, and move on by pressing Next - it’s a good habit to get into as your progress through the course so you can measure your progress and work towards final statements and certificates.

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