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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds Welcome back! We are now in week 2 and this week we are going to be teaching you all about stone. As we learnt last week, Mesolithic means Middle Stone Age and the reason this is called the stone age is because people used stone for tools. Stones are useful for doing things like hammering but some sorts of stones, in particular flint, are very sharp if they are broken. And it is this discovery, that enabled hunter-gatherers to make shelters, kill and butcher animals, and make clothing. But they also made jewellery out of stones and amber, and in some cases created artwork on them. So this week we want to illustrate just how exciting the study of stone can be!

An introduction to the importance of stone!

Welcome to week 2. During this week we will be learning all about stone - from flint tools to mysterious engraved pendants made from shale.

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