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Welcome to Week 2

Last week we covered some very significant events that led to the formation of Earth, habitability and life on our planet.

We’ll continue by exploring some of the extreme types of events our planet has experienced and look at the processes and triggers behind them.

This week’s activities

In Activity 2, we will begin by investigating earthquakes and the deep Earth processes that cause them. We will consider the most extreme version, so-called megaquakes and the difference between them and regular activity.

In Activity 3, we will continue by looking at volcanic eruptions and different types of eruptions. We will consider supereruptions, large igneous provinces and how volcanoes have helped shaped our planet.

In Activity 4, we will take a look at our last type of events; megatsunami’s and megafloods. We’ll consider how the most extreme versions differ from regular activity, and explore how they have caused changes to the surface of our planet.

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