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The events so far...

Well done for reaching the end of our course exploring extreme geological events.

There’s been a lot to consider over the past three weeks and at points in the course we’ve acknowledged how vast this area of study is.

We looked at events over huge timescales and we hope this has helped broaden your understanding of Earth and our universe’s history.

As we’ve seen, our planet has evolved dramatically over its 4.5 billion year history. In most cases this has come about through slow processes over long timescales, but Earth has also been punctuated by events that have caused changes over much shorter timescales.

Understanding how our planet and environment has evolved is incredibly important as our planet is constantly changing. The more we can appreciate and understand this, the better prepared we can be for the future.

We hope that we’ve both informed and inspired you to discover more about our planet’s history and the events it experiences and will continue to experience.

Over to you

Of all the events and things we’ve looked at in the course

  • Which were the most interesting or controversial?
  • What resonated with you the most? Perhaps because of personal experiences.
  • What key things did you discover?

Share and discuss these in the comments.

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