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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds I worked for a fashion house for a long time. It took me around the world. Mainly, actually mainly to the Far East. And then we had to stop that because Gill said she hadn’t married me for travelling around the world. I ended up taking old houses and doing them up and selling them on. And that was the last thing I did. No it wasn’t. Not? No, we didn’t– we had our own inventory service. Oh, of course. Sorry. And after that, we went into the inventory business. The inventory business is where you’ve got a house or a flat or something like that, and I would go in and take an inventory of the whole place and the condition.

Skip to 0 minutes and 53 seconds And then when they go out again, I’ll come back again and say– Check it up. Have they left it in a good condition or is it bad or something like that.

Introducing Colin's story

Watch Colin and Gillian describe life before Colin’s DLB diagnosis.

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