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Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Now matter in Taiwan or China you will have variety of choices for your drinks You can choose your favorite sweetness or ice amount Staffs in drink shops will often ask you about 甜度(tián dù ) 冰量 (bīng liàng) 冰塊(bīng kuài) In daily Chinese, to communicate faster, they often ask in short 甜度冰塊呢 (tián dù bīng kuài ne) It means how much sugar and ice would you like You may have your own preferences for your drink If you don’t, just go for a normal level of sugar or ice by saying

Skip to 0 minutes and 56 seconds It means normal Or you can choose your own sugar and ice level with following choices 全糖(quán táng)(full sugar) 少糖(shǎo táng)(less sugar) 半糖(bàn táng)(half sugar) 微糖(wēi táng)(slight sugar) 無糖(wú táng)(no sugar) 正常冰(zhèng cháng bīng)( regular ice amount) 少冰(shǎo bīng)(less ice) 半冰(bàn bīng)(half ice) 微冰(wēi bīng)(little ice) 去冰(qù bīng)(no ice) So complicated right But I believe you have your own preference and you can remember one recipe for yourself

How much sugar and ice?

In Taiwan, you will have a variety of choices for your drinks. You can choose your favorite sweetness or ice amount. You are highly recommended to learn how to choose your sweetness and ice amount if you want to have a drink that perfectly fits your taste.

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