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Skip to 0 minutes and 15 seconds Wu hong-yu and Mai he-jie will go to a movie today, and this is their first date. He comes to her home to pick her up, and he meets someone who looks familiar. She is my friend, and her boyfriend. Hello, I’m Mai he-jie. He works at drink shop? Hello, have a seat. Thank you. What’s your age? I’m 24, and studying master’s degree at National Chiao tung University. What’s your major? I major in GMBA. You speak Mandarin very fluently, how long have you been learning Mandarin? About 1 year. Mai he-jie can speak 3 kinds of language, and he learned from online courses. Awesome. Do you study Mandarin every day? Yes. My interest is learning Mandarin, watch movie. I’m honest and serious.

Skip to 1 minute and 13 seconds Do you have a car? I do. I have a car, house, money and true heart. Really? Of course, I’ll pay for the movie. Your card can be used? Time to go.

Episode 4 - My heart

In the end, our 2 main characters, Wu Hong-yu and Mai He-jie, have a perfect ending, do you know the reason? Is it because Mai He-jie has money, a car, a house or a sincere heart?

Attached is the lines of this episode.

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