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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Pain, I think, breakages, and awareness. Three only, right. Well, pain. Fear, because if one has another fall then the fear of having yet another in the future is increased. And depending where I am or who was there, embarrassment. I know nobody wants you to feel embarrassed. And the first thing you tend to say if somebody has to help you up will be, “oh dear, I’m sorry about this.” “No, no, it’s all right. You mustn’t feel sorry.” But I do feel embarrassment if I’ve fallen. But usually it’s just my dignity that’s been hurt rather than any other part of me. Three words that I would associate with falls are catastrophic, scary, and reversible.

Word cloud - Falls

Rod and Madeleine, who we will meet later, and Professor Julia Newton tell us what three words they associate with falls.

We have taken the words from over 1000 learners to generate a wordcloud.

falls wordcloud You may like to view a larger version of this image and a table of the most popular words

  • Are your words shown in the word cloud?
  • Are there any words that surprise you?

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