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Panel members
Panel members

Our experts answer your frequently asked questions

Our panel of falls experts answered some of the frequently asked questions about falls in a series of webinars.

From left to right:

  • Dr James Frith, Consultant Geriatrician, Senior Lecturer and Falls Researcher
  • Professor Julia Newton, Consultant Physician, Falls Specialist and Falls Researcher
  • Dr Chris Elliott, Advanced Occupational Therapist
  • Dr Lisa Robinson, Advanced Physiotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Varifocal lenses

Taking four or more medications

What are the best types of exercises to prevent falls?

Concerns around frailty

Do foot problems make it more difficult to balance?

What is an Epley manoeuvre, what are the difficulties and are there alternatives?

Do occupational therapists have access or refer people to exercise resources in England?

How can someone access a falls service?

Walking aids as a risk factor for falls

Can proprioception be relearned or regained?

Is there a good way to fall?

What advice would we give to people who care for people who fall?

What is the link between hearing, the inner ear and balance?

How can people know that their blood pressure is dropping when they stand up and what measures can people take to avoid this?

How do you weigh up the risks of keeping your activity up to prevent falls, but not increasing your risk of having a fall?

How can you reduce the risk of falling in the shower?

Why does it seem to be that falls are more common in people with joint replacements?

Full length videos

You can view the full recordings of these discussion on YouTube with these links:

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