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Responding to your risk

  • Using what we have learned so far this week, can you think of any risk factors which are present in your life?

  • You will probably be able to think of some straight away, such as your energetic pets, bifocal spectacles or dizziness. But there may be others which you did not previously know about until doing this course.

A reminder of risk factors that we covered this week:

  • Gait and balance
  • Medication
  • Vision
  • Home hazards
  • Dizziness
  • Confidence or fear of falling
  • Feet and footwear
  • Walking sticks

Thinking of your own life:

  • Do you feel motivated or empowered to make any changes, or to take any action to reduce your risk?
  • Have you learned any ways to keep your body healthy in order to prevent falls?

Leave your comments below and have a read about what actions other people are going to take. Do not worry if you cannot think of anything, we will learn plenty more over the next two weeks.

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