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The first 1,000 days of life provides a window of opportunity for intervention that can have a huge impact on health life course.

The scourge of disease and non-communicable diseases across the world, which include type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease can be impacted upon by the nutritional status of the women pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. This window of opportunity is only open for a short period. We know that during pregnancy, people are very susceptible to health promotion messages.

Course philosophy

In this course, we have chosen to concentrate on the areas where the highest quality evidence exists for effect. We have also chosen to concentrate on areas where we hope we can guide your practice and give you practical strategies to be able to answer some of the million questions that exist around nutrition for fertility and for pregnancy.

However, we do hope that for health professionals, GPs, and nurses, that we can provide you with some practical tips about how to deal with some of these questions and up to date evidence based information. We really encourage you to participate in the discussions and share some experiences that you will have had in practice. This adds richness and depth to learning.

Introduce yourself

We would like to start the course by hearing from you. As healthcare professionals, there will probably be a variety of reasons why each of you have signed up to do this course.

If you haven’t already introduced yourself or would like to provide more reasons for taking part in the course, take a moment to share your thoughts within the Comments.

Perhaps you might like to tell other learners about who you are, where you’re from and why you are interested in learning about food as medicine in relation to fertility and pregnancy or how you’re planning to change your approach to consulting your clients.

Also consider reading and commenting on contributions made by other learners or following learners with similar interests as you.

Follow the course mentor, Nicole

The course features mentoring by Nicole Kellow. Nicole’s job is to make sure your learning experience is the best it can be, by guiding conversation and discussion.

We strongly recommend that you consider following Nicole to make sure you’re aware of the comments she makes throughout the course. You can follow her by selecting the links to her FutureLearn profile page and then selecting ‘Follow’.

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