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Reflecting on your learning this week

This week you have:

  • Considered a key principle of feedback: feedback needs to make the students think.
  • Explored approaches for using written feedback
  • Considered aspects to emphasise with oral feedback
  • Analysed teachers using feedback in lessons

In the final week of this course we are going to see what we can do to help the feedback message we give be interpreted and acted upon by the students. We will explore how as teachers we can use feedback to help develop students as learning apprentices, increase their motivation and ultimately empower them to be life long self-regulated learners.

Review your learning

If you haven’t already done so, complete your weekly reflection grid.

Share in the comments below:

  • Your key learning point for this week.
  • What you wish to find out more about next week.

We hope you have enjoyed this week of the course. You can proceed straight to Week 3, or give yourself a few days to put something new into practice and reflect.

We would also like you to continue jotting down questions the course is raising. Remember you can submit them for Andrea to respond to in the Q&A session in Step 3.12.

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Feedback for Learning: Implementing Formative Assessment

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