Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsActor 1: Hi my name is Oxygen, I've been on chemical attraction for billions of years now you might recognise me from famous works such as the ozone or water I don't want to brag but actually I am the third most abundant element so you're getting quite good deal here. My positives are; I'm completely odourless, which you can't say for everyone, and I'm completely colorless so, sometimes I'm hard to recognize but you'll always know when I'm there.

Skip to 0 minutes and 43 secondsActor 2: Hi there, I've just signed up to chemical attraction website. Some say I can be a bit explosive on my own and maybe a little bit fiery and I'm really looking forward to a stable relationship with someone like oxygen and you know maybe we can settle down, bond together and help the world grow.

Secondary science example (teacher-created)

A student-teacher attending an Into Film training event devised and created a ‘Chemical Attractions’ dating site, for this humorous and lighthearted approach demonstrated in the step above.

In the first sequence, the chemical element Oxygen outlines her properties. In the second sequence, we have to guess what element is being portrayed by the clues he gives about his properties.

Can you guess the identity of the second element? What ideas does this style of film help you generate? Place your ideas in the comments section.

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