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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds This is Zoe, and we’re going to demonstrate an arabesque that is used in gymnastics in Year 8. OK Zoe, so I want you to balance on one leg, pressing down keeping your balance, back leg extended to the back with toe pointed. Teacher supporting. And arms extended out in front with head in the right direction. And relax.

Secondary dance example (teacher-created)

This video demonstrates the dance technique of arabesque. It highlights how a one-shot film can, in the first instance, be used by teachers to model something for pupils.

As a follow up to this film pupils themselves can create ‘good practice’ films to share with peers and to show their understanding of a subject, topic or theme to the teacher.

Can you think of any topics that you’re currently teaching that could benefit from this approach?

We have curated a Vimeo playlist that includes the range of exemplars seen on this course and a few extras for good measure.

Simply click on Vimeo playlist and enter the password: filmandanimation.

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