One-shot storyboard
Single shot storyboard

Planning your one-shot film

So far this week we have looked at a range of examples of teacher and student work, we have decided on the idea we’d like to create, we’ve learned all about shot sizes and we will shortly be making our one-shot film.

In this step, we’ll decide which shot would suit best for our one-shot film and we’ll plan this using the single shot storyboard to sketch and write notes about our short film.

Please download the Single Shot Storyboard Template from the downloads section and when complete, add this to our Padlet wall.

Throughout the rest of this course we’ll be inviting you to share your work on our Padlet walls. Padlet is a very simple way to share documents; you simply go to the URL provided and double click on the page or drop a document onto the page. You can find out more information about the Padlet and how to use it by going to the FutureLearn Padlet page.

You can add your storyboard to our Padlet by simply clicking on our scriptwriting padlet wall.

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