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Secondary moving image arts example (teacher-created)

The video above was created for moving image arts, a filmmaking GCSE and A Level taught in Northern Ireland. In it, we see the teacher demonstrating the practical activity of using tracks and a dolly to create a ‘tracking’ or ‘dolly’ shot to add smooth movement to a camera shot.

This example demonstrates really effectively how film can be utilised to provide a ‘library’ of practical tips for students to refer to. This may be particularly useful for creative subjects such as art, moving image arts, film studies or media studies where not every student may be using the same effects and styles as others in their year group.

Using video to demonstrate the practical elements of filmmaking is a great way to provide your pupils with a visual overview of filmmaking equipment that would otherwise be difficult to convey through text – which is especially important if teaching isn’t taking place face-to-face!

This film brings us to the end of our film examples. We hope they’ve inspired you to create your own masterpiece!

Before we enter our planning section, think about your five-shot film idea for use with your class and share it in the Comments section.

We have curated a Vimeo playlist that includes the range of exemplars seen on this course and a few extras for good measure.

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