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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds The year is 1915 Europe is at war. A war that everyone thought would be over by Christmas. Allied forces are being recruited from countries as far away as Africa, Australia and India. Which is why in a small village in India, a young woman is dictating a letter to her husband, who is somewhere far, far away. My dear husband, we are all missing you, every moment of every day. How much longer do you think this war will go on? More than anything the children need their father, and I need you, your loving wife Sarbjit.

History example (student created)

Hidden Heroes tells the epic story of how messages travelled from families in India to their loved ones far away, fighting in the trenches of France before the days of texts, Facebook and email.

It’s a strong example of how animation can be used in history learning.

Do you think any of the history topics you’re covering could benefit from the introduction of animation?

Are there any themes or events that would work well told through animation?

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