Reflections on Week 1

Congratulations on completing Week 1! We hope you’ve enjoyed the first week, which focused on creating a range of one-shot films for use in the classroom. We’re looking forward to working with you in Week 2 when we’ll be extending your film skills to the creation of multi-shot films.

Course educators Samantha, Daniel and Alexia will be responding to some of your questions in a bespoke YouTube video at the beginning of Week 2, so remember to share any questions you have about filmmaking in the classroom and then follow the link when provided to see some of your questions answered.


We’d love to hear how you have implemented the use of filmmaking in your classroom. Please join our discussion and leave some thoughts in the comments area below.

We look forward to seeing you in Week 2!

Have you tried out any of these techniques in a classroom, or in another setting with children that you work with?

How did your students respond?

What tips could you give to fellow educators?

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