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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsToday we are learning a new sound. Our new sound is s. We are now going to look at the picture of the sun. Sun begins with an s sound. Can we all say s-sun. This is snakey. He will help us with our new sound. Snake starts with s. Can we all say s-snake. This is the sss sound. Can everyone say s-sit. Now, we will put our magic finger in the air and practice how to write the s sound.

Primary English example (teacher-created)

In the video above, a teacher has used a range of shots to explore phonics through the letter ’S’.

When making a film for use in the classroom you don’t need to spend huge amounts of time creating it. The aim is not necessarily full cinematic mastery (at least not when you start!) but rather the production of a useful tool for students.

The teacher in this film could perhaps extend her work through the creation of a phonics alphabet for her class to access whenever they need to.

Add your comments on this film and the ideas it stimulates to the comments section.

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