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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds HELEN TRUBY: One of the things we’ve found in nutrition and, indeed, sleep and activity is that as new science emerges, things change. So recommendations change. One of the real challenges we have is how we get that information out to people. So if you’re already pregnant, and you’re interested in finding out a little bit more of top tips about pregnancy and also finding out whether you’re an owl, or whether you’re a lark, you might want to fill in the My Pregnancy questionnaire. Tell us a little bit about how you want that information delivered. And that’s really going to help us design new ways to getting information out to pregnant women.

Pregnancy, nutrition advice and you

Watch Helen talk about the challenge of making pregnancy and nutrition information easily available.

If you are interested, you can choose to complete surveys that will help researchers at Monash develop a better understanding of what people believe is most important for a healthy pregnancy. This will help us design more helpful and effective recommendations for nutrition, health and pregnancy in the future; essentially helping you use food as medicine.

Read About the surveys in Food as Medicine to find out how survey data is going to be used, then if taking part in research sounds like something that interests you, return to this step and complete the surveys. Return to this step to share your thoughts with other learners.

General pregnancy survey

This survey is designed for women and men, and will take about two minutes for you to complete. Throughout the survey you will be provided with some ‘fun facts’ about pregnancy.

Go to the General pregnancy survey

My pregnancy survey

This survey is designed for pregnant women or women who have recently had a child, and will take about eight minutes for you to complete. Throughout the survey you will be provided with some ‘top tips’ for pregnancy.

Go to the My Pregnancy survey

Talking point

You’ve explored the role that food plays in fertility and pregnancy. It’s now your turn to reflect and share your thoughts with other learners.

Within the Comments, consider sharing with other learners your thoughts on fertility and pregnancy as well as your responses to the following questions:

  • Were you surprised by any of the foods that were suggested to be eaten? If so, which ones?
  • Which foods mentioned in the video do you eat?

Don’t forget to contribute to the discussion by reviewing comments made by other learners, making sure you provide constructive feedback and commentary. You can also ‘like’ comments or follow other learners throughout the course.

Responses to your comments can be viewed by selecting Replies.

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