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Woman shopping in fresh vegetable aisle of supermarket.

Try three new foods!

To help increase the variety of nutrients in our daily diets, when you next go food shopping aim to buy one to three new foods to try.

It might be a vegetable you have always wanted to learn how to incorporate into your cooking, or perhaps a new fruit that you always thought looked interesting to try.

We would love to see what you have chosen!

So, why not take a picture, share it with @FLFoodAsMed on Twitter using the hashtag #FLNewfoods then within the Comments, consider sharing with other learners the reason for your choice and how you plan to add them to your diet.

Please note, sharing a picture with us via Twitter is entirely optional. If you'd prefer, you're welcome to list the three new foods that you chose in the Comments section of this step.

Don’t forget to explore the different types of foods that have been shared by other learners to find out how they’re increasing nutrients in their diets.

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