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Superfoods: Myth or real?

‘Superfoods’ is a recent term that’s currently being used to classify foods that may offer benefits over other foods.

The term is contentious and is often challenged by evidence-based health professionals.

Evaluate the foods that are commonly classified as ‘Superfoods’ by taking part in a poll.

What you need to do

  1. Respond to the Superfoods: Myth or real? poll and then return to this step (for example, by using the ‘Back’ or ‘Go backward’ button on your web browser).

  2. Within the Comments, share with other learners your thoughts on the variety of foods you ate.

Curious about the poll results?

If you’re curious about responses from other learners, review the poll results and then within the Comments of this step, share your thoughts on the results.

What’s your view on the term ‘Superfoods’?

You may also wish to share your views on the term ‘Superfoods’ and discuss why you think these food items have been identified as ‘Superfoods’, and how the term is used to market food products.

You can also share your thoughts on what is in food that makes it special and how it contributes to your health and wellbeing.

Once you have, take some time to read and respond to comments made by other learners. Remember, you can also ‘Like’ comments or follow other learners throughout the course.

All the information collected will be stored and handled according to Google’s Privacy Policy / T&C. Your participation has no effect on your course progress, marks or FutureLearn profile.

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