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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsHELEN TRUBY: In this week of Food is Medicine, you're going to be looking at some of the complexities of nutrition science. As with any scientific endeavor, it obviously evolves and therefore recommendations do change. Of course, nutrition is complex. And with the amount of information that's available to us from magazines, from books, from the internet, no wonder people get confused about what's good and what's not good, what's actually true, what's the evidence base, who should you believe is the actual expert here on nutrition? We hope that this week, you'll get a greater understanding of the evidence base of what's actually driving nutrition science and food regulations at the moment.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 secondsObviously, you're interested in using food as medicine, so we hope that you'll be able to learn about what the credible sources of nutrition information are, that you'll be able to critically evaluate some of the evidence, so you'll be able to use food as medicine in your life.

Welcome to Week 3

Watch Helen introduce the range of topics that you’ll learn about in this week of the course.

At the end of this week you will be able to:

  • explain the complexities and challenges when evaluating nutrition information and using food as medicine
  • identify current evidenced based, nutrition related public health guidelines and apply these to improve personal eating habits and nutritional intake
  • discuss how foods and nutrients are only one component of preventative health and treatment strategies, along with other medical and pharmaceuticals strategies
  • define the attributes that make an individual’s nutrition advice credible.

We hope you enjoy the week!

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