Skip to 0 minutes and 11 secondsHello, I am Alessandro Cicerale Research Fellow at the University of Torino And on behalf of the whole team I would like to welcome you to the second edition of food for thought How does the food we eat affect our body and our brain? How do our emotions, and our thoughts, influence our food intake? Hopefully, by the end of this course, you will be able to answer these questions As we will take you into a journey, starting at "how does the brain work?" And ending at "how are gut, microbiome and the brain related?"

Skip to 0 minutes and 45 secondsIn the first week we will talk about the brain, we will describe it structure, its relationship with organs and some reasons why the food we eat could affect it. In the following weeks we will introduce different subjects, starting from the reward systems and food addiction To then move towards more psychological topics Such as orthorexia nervosa, emotional eating, and the role of our experiences in our food choices The last weeks will be more biological in their approach In the fourth week, we will discuss the effect of unbalanced diets on brain and mood And we will also discuss the effects of good and bad molecules that can enter our diets Finally, the fifth and last week will be entirely devoted to exploring the relationship between our gut, our brain and the microbiome In each week you will find different kinds of steps, such as articles, quizzes and videos As well as reflection ideas, which will help you learn about the two-sided relationship between our brain and the food we eat So, how does the food we eat affect our mind, brain and body?

Skip to 1 minute and 56 secondsJoin us, and we will discover it together!

Welcome to the course

In this video, dr. Cicerale welcomes you to the course and gives a brief introduction to it.

Throughout the next 5 weeks, you will learn how the brain works and is affected by diet and nutritional deficiencies. You will also discover less known, cutting-edge subjects such as the gut-brain axis, the microbiome, and the relationship between food and reproductive health.

Let’s get started !

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Food for Thought: The Relationship Between Food, Gut, and Brain

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