What comes next: week 5

In this week we discussed pathological and unhealthy eating patterns and how they can affect the body and brain.

This included a discussion of some aspects of eating disorders and we briefly introduced the role of society in the triangle food-**mind-*body.

The shift from the mind to the body will start in the first activity of the week and will continue in the second one. We will present topics such as the effect of fructose on our body and the brain, or the effects of specific nutritional deficiencies.

In the last week of this course, we will discuss more fascinating biological topics, such as the role of maternal milk in the brain development of the child (or, more general, of the pup), the role of antioxidants, endocrine-disrupting compounds and the gut-brain axis.

We hope this week has been interesting, and we look forward to seeing you in the next and final week!

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