Gendered impacts of agricultural deregulation

In Week 2, we introduced the Green Revolution and the subsequent period of fiscal reform, agricultural deregulation and the removal of subsidies. Here, Dr. Bernadette Resurrección, of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre, explains how those agricultural deregulation policies have affected gender roles in different contexts across Asia.

The impacts on gender have varied. In some countries, the deregulation of agriculture has led to the “feminization” of the sector and placed additional burdens on women. In other countries, women have become increasingly mobile due to deregulation and have gained access to alternative income-earning opportunities. As Bernadette explains, it is important to consider how a specific food system-related policy can lead to divergent outcomes and unintended consequences, which we will discuss more in Week 5 of this course.

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Food and Our Future: Sustainable Food Systems in Southeast Asia

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