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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds Welcome to week 3, and what a week it is. This week, we look at great football clubs, great football rivalries, great football matches. You will have your own favourites. We won’t be able to cover every great football club or every great football rivalry or every great football match. We will consider some– Liverpool versus Manchester United, Juventus versus Inter Milan, Barcelona versus Real Madrid, Holland versus Germany. But what makes a great football rivalry? What makes a great derby match? I’m sitting here today at the ground of Hibernian Football Club. The great local rivalry in this city of Edinburgh is between Hearts and Hibs. If you go over to the west coast, it’s between Celtic and Rangers.

Skip to 1 minute and 4 seconds What is it in your city and your community?


Welcome to Week 3 of this course Football: More than a Game. This week we consider some great football rivalries and derby matches.

What makes for a classic football rivalry? As we continue to explore the background to some of the great football club rivalries in the world, tell us about great football rivalries close to you. What is the history behind the rivalry and what makes it significant for you? How does the rivalry continue to affect present day and what sustains these relationships between clubs and their fans?

This week, whilst we take a look at rivalry in football, we also think about some football matches that have helped to produce social change. Specifically, we look at football in the community, the role of professional football clubs and social change, as well as the growth of football in China.

Let’s dive into this week’s material.

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