Soldiers of the National Guard (GNB) stare at demonstrators.
Soldiers of the National Guard (GNB) stare at demonstrators. Venezuela is going through the worst political and humanitarian crisis of the country's history since the death of the President Hugo Chavez and the new President Nicolas Maduro took power.

Review of the week

Congratulations on completing Week 1 of Foundations in Resilience, Security and Emerging Technology.

This week, we’ve discussed resilience as a design objective and risk management gesture to enhance resistance to the destructive effects of major emergencies or crises.

We’ve also discussed security and framed it as a collective principle and value construct that reflects measures and technologies chosen by a society to protect itself, ensure its continuation, and overcome damaging events and disruption.

We’ve also heard from specialists in the field about emerging technologies, including those dual-use and cutting-edge technologies that have the capacity to influence and help govern a society or nation.

Finally, we looked at how risk perception refers to the mix of individual and collective societal perceptions of a given risk and its circumstances. This perception affects the degree to which a majority of persons support or tacitly endorse a course of action or policy decision meant to address such risks.

Next week you will:

  • Discuss why resilience is an important issue as the future of society is planned and engineered for secure, safe and sensible national communities

  • Review the role which resilience plays in conjunction with security and emerging technologies in building future national communities

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