Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsIn today’s rapidly evolving competitive environment project management has evolved from specialist activity into a significant process for managing change, innovation and delivering a commercial success. You might think of project management as a relatively new discipline but actually humans have been managing projects since before the Great Wall of China before the Pyramids of Giza and likely before that. It is implausible to think these were built in an ad hoc manner, rather, you can bet there were plans, schedules, budgets and everything we could identify today as project management. Winston Churchill said those who plan do better than those who do not plan even though they rarely stick to their plan.

Skip to 0 minutes and 58 secondsHe understood like any experienced project manager would that a plan is necessary to navigate within the constraints of space, budget and time but he also knew that being firmly fixed on that plan could lead to a disaster. The globalisation of the business world coupled with heightened competition increasing customer expectations and rapid technological advances has fuelled the demand for projects of all types across almost every industry. During this short course we will discuss and learn what actually makes a project and why we need it. What are some of the project constraints we face and who's the ideal project manager. We will then move onto project life cycles, project initiation and project selection.

Skip to 1 minute and 49 secondsYou will find project management happening in all sectors from construction, transportation, film production, creative enterprises to finance, medicine or physics. You may not realise it but we are surrounded by projects. Can you spot some that are around you?

Welcome to Foundations of Project Management

Listen to Edyta Kostanek and Aisha Abuelmaatti talk about a variety of projects and their history.

We look forward to exploring projects and project management with you over the next two weeks, as well as providing you with the tools to help you understand how you might improve your own area of practice.

This week you will:

  • Discuss the differences between projects and business operations
  • Explore key concepts related to project management
  • Consider how you might go about developing your project management skills and obtaining professional qualifications

This short course is the introductory two-week course to the program, Project Management, which forms part of the MBA online degree at Coventry University, delivered via FutureLearn.

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