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The Virginia Festival of the Book Case Study- Part III

In our final revisiting of The Virginia Festival of the Book, we will now continue to use the case study to further examine and understand how to reduce the duration of the plan. Feel free to revisit The Importance of Project Planning in Action video (The Importance of Planning) and the The Virginia Festival of the Book articles (in Scoping and Identifying Dependencies and Determining the Completion Date and Critical Path) to review the previous information.

As a reminder, the overall project plan consisted of 164 tasks. Of these, only five tasks were critical, as shown in Figure 2. Exhibit 2 exhibits a complete Gantt chart of the tasks. Both of these charts can be accessed in the full case study article PDF attachment at the bottom of this page under “Downloads.”

Using the previous article, you determined how long the project will take and which tasks Jane should focus her attention on and shared your responses with fellow learners. Review this information and then visit the discussion questions to discuss whether or not you think this project was a success, and why or why not.

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