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Congrats on Completing the Course!

Thank you all for your hard work and participation during these four weeks. Your involvement in this course made for a richer and deeper learning experience.

What You Have Achieved

Described how to initiate a project by defining the project goal, identifying the priorities, and establishing the organization.

Explained how to develop a project plan by identifying the scope, task dependencies, schedule, critical path, and risks.

Identified factors that lead to project success.

Described the four stages of the project-life-cycle and the role each stage has in the evolution of a project.

Explained how to execute a project by monitoring the progress, communicating with stakeholders, and deciding how to correct and control.

Developed an awareness of some behavioral biases in project settings and identify how these impact the planning and execution of a project.

Developed the language and mindset for planning and managing projects by properly setting and prioritizing project goals and objectives.

Identified the most appropriate project management methodology given the project objectives, the degrees of uncertainty, and the constraints.

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Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

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