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Technologies and futurism

There are five main enabling technologies; information technology, biotechnology, material technology, energy and transportation technology.

Information technology is the best known kind of technology. These technologies include things such as computing power, ICE in general, telecommunications, cellphone and devices.

When taking a look at biotechnology, one of the better known and controversial issues is genetically modified crops. Genetically modifying things implies drought or disease resistance foodstuff.

Another enabling technology is material technology. Two of the main and latest stories are Nano technology and the 3D printing market.

There are many debates around the topic of energy. There is a very big debate around renewable energy and no-renewable energy. Non-renewable is fossil fuels, like oil and coal and renewable energy being things like wind power and tidal power.

Transportation technologies are rail, bus, automotive and ships. The speed is obviously picking up with particular reference to automobile and car technology. The combustion engine remains almost a default, but we are going to find and we are finding all kinds of hybrid cars.

Let’s take a closer look at these five enabling technologies and how they impact the world today in the following step.

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