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The nine different letters of the word “foresight” can give us nine different global trends.

F - Fast, integrated and universal world. This embraces things such as globalization.
O - Oriental. This can be seen as a proxy for the shift in economic power for the developed to the developing world.
R - Traditional ‘isms’ are being redefined. ‘Isms’ come from words such as capitalism, communism, and socialism.
E - Empowerment. There is now a generation which is far more empowered than the previous one.
S - Saturated. An example is that population and economic growth might outstrip growth in available resources.
I - The world remains inequitable and divided. No economy is the same.
G - Graying and urbanizing in population. The world’s population is aging.
H - Climate change. Average global temperatures are rising.
T - More tepid and irregular economic growth. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the Great Recession, which has some issues attached to it.

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