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Close up of the statue of blind justice.
Equity is blinded.

Half the Sky

Gender inequity and the change imperative.

Deep in the heart of development work is a desire to change, and to realise social justice. It’s that impulse that banker Sheryl WuDunn and her partner, journalist Nicholas Kristof place at the centre of their campaign - Half the Sky.

WuDunn points out that in the 19th century the key global injustice was slavery and in the 20th century it was totalitarianism.

But in the 21st century, she argues, the single greatest global injustice is gender inequity.

She notes however, that the global challenge of gender inequity rarely make the front pages; hence her desire to startle the audience into action - to join a movement for global change.

Your task

Watch WuDunn’s TED talk: Our century’s greatest injustice.

Note your emotions:

  • How did the video make you feel?
  • Did your pulse quicken?
  • Did you feel distressed? Angry?
  • Or perhaps you had no emotions.

Write down your responses in the comments section.

Other Resources

After watching the video read Nausbaum’s short New York Times article ‘Seeing Women’s Rights as a Key to Countries Progress’.

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