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Welcome to Week 2

Welcome back. It is great to see you again and to know that you want to learn more about the GDPR.

As you may understand, an effective data protection regime would be impossible to realise and uphold without safeguarding the rights of those whose personal data are processed.

This week, we will deal with the rights of data subjects. We are going to discuss the actual data subjects’ rights, such as the right to rectification and the right to erasure, and restrictions of these rights, their essence and importance to the EU data protection framework. The plan is also to examine with you the transparency and modality requirements laid down in the GDPR. In this regard, modalities should be understood as mechanisms used to facilitate the exercise of data subjects’ rights, such as a written or electronic form of information provision towards data subjects. Bu also actions that are taken free of charge when data subjects exercise these rights.

While you might be eager to learn even more, we should mention that duties or obligations associated with rights of data subject and other aspects of the GDPR will be addressed next week. Patience is a virtue, so let’s take a look at the subject of this week.

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