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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Welcome in week 4 of this course. In the previous week, you completed two topics, one on spatial statistics and one on agent-based modeling. This week, we offer two new topics developed by KIT. They are both a continuation of two previous in-depth topics, accessibility and health facility planning from week 1 and spatial statistics from last week. Where the topic on accessibility of health facilities focused on network analysis, we will now focus on using roster-based operations. Again, these are two independent topics that can be taken in any order. We hope you will enjoy these new topics. At the end of this week, you find a final quiz of this MOOC.

Skip to 1 minute and 0 seconds In case you want a certificate or you want to participate in the follow-up refresher course in New Delhi, do not forget to take this test.

This week

Welcome to the last and final week of this course. In this week you will find two more in-depth topics, one on spatial analysis and another on public health coverage.

Both topics are presented by Ente Rood (KIT). Emphasis for these two last topics will be from the health care perspective.

In spatial analysis you will learn about clustering, spatial smoothing and Moran’s plot. You are invited to try out the case study on your own using GeoDa software. This topic is a continuation from the topic on spatial statistics (Nick Hamm) of last week.

The second in-depth topic focusses on public health coverage. Instead of a network approach, a raster-based approach is chosen that you can implement using QGIS. This topic is a health care geography topic. It is a follow up from the very first in-depth topic by Sherif Amer (week 1).

We hope that you will enjoy the topics. At the end of the week there is a final quiz. In case you would like to receive a certificate, please complete this quiz.

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