Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsWelcome to this MOOC on geo health. Let me first introduce you to our teaching staff. My name is Ellen-Wien Augustijn, and I am a teacher and researcher at the ITC faculty of the University of Twente. My field of expertise is geo-informatics but many of my research projects are within the health domain. From ITC, we have three teachers besides myself-- Sherif Amer, Nicholas Hamm , and Raul Zurita-Milla. They all come from a geo-informatics background but have specialized in health applications. In this course, we also have two teachers from KIT, the Royal Tropical Institute at Amsterdam, Ente Rood and Mirjam Bakker. They approach the topic geo-health from the health perspective, but have been applying GIS in their work for many years.

Skip to 1 minute and 3 secondsFrom the Public Health Foundation of India-New Delhi, we also have two educators, Dr. Safraj and Dr. Ishita. They represent users of GIS, and will tell you a little about how they use GIS in their projects. We can split this course in the introduction and the in-depth topics. During the introduction, we will talk you through the components of a GIS. We will do this from three different perspectives -- conceptually, by showing you an example from the Public Health Foundation of India, and then asking your opinion and the opinion off your co-learners. After the introduction, there will be a number of in-depth topics. Each of these topics will focus on a new development within the geo-health domain.

Skip to 1 minute and 54 secondsModules are independent of each other. They do not build onto previous knowledge, so you can skip in-depth topics or follow topics in a different order. I want to welcome you again in this course, and I hope you will learn something about geo-health from us, but that we will also learn something from you.

Welcome to Advanced GIS and Health

Welcome to our online course on Geohealth. We are very happy to have you in this course. With this course we hope that you will expand your knowledge and increase your interest in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within the health domain. We try to bridge the gap between scientific research and health workers by explaining research in a simple way. We are keen to learn your opinion on several GeoHealth topics and hope that we can reveal patterns that can be used to determine research paths and developments towards the future. We are eager to start this course and we hope you are too. Enjoy, and share your vision with us and all other course participants.

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