Results on the role of people survey explained

Please look at the results of the exercise here

In the bar chart above you can see how you as a group of learners have answered the questions. Do you see any trends emerging? Have you seen anything surprising? Please let us know in the discussion.

The graphs will change as more learners add their data, so you might like to come back to this step again.

Results Mapped


On Friday 26 August, we have updated this step with a map showing the data mapped spatially. In the poll you indicated the level of GIS expertise within your organization. I have scaled your answers on a scale 0-3 with 0 being no GIS expertise and 3 good GIS expertise.

You see that there are clear differences between different regions. While looking at this map, keep in mind that we have learners from the health domain and from the GIS domain. This may influence the results you see here.

You can still contribute to this result by completing the poll. When enough new learners add data, we will try to update the map.

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