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Von null bis zwölf

Herzlich willkommen bei Woche 2!

Welcome back to Week 2 of Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz: German at Work (Post-Beginners 1). This week you will consolidate your knowledge of numbers and the alphabet, practise talking about time and dates, learn some useful telephone language and find out about typical work routines in German-speaking countries.

Listen to the numbers from 0 to 12 and perfect your pronunciation. The numbers are a great way to practise the most important sounds in German.

Hören Sie und sprechen Sie nach.

Pay special attention to the letters that are in bold.

0: null
1: eins
2: zwei
3: drei
4: vier
5: fünf (round your lips)
6: sechs (a soft, voiced ‘s’ and a hard ‘ks’)
7: sieben
8: acht (pronounced at the back of your throat)
9: neun
10: zehn
11: elf
12: zwölf

Then listen to the “Hexeneinmaleins” – witches’ times tables – just for fun.

Hören Sie und sprechen Sie nach.

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