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Wie weit?

A table showing distances in kilometres between pairs of towns. From Berlin to Basel is 874. From Frankfurt to Basel is 337, to Berlin is 555. From Hamburg to Basel is 820, to Berlin is 294, to Frankfurt is 495. From Hannover to Basel is 677, to Berlin is 282, to Frankfurt is 352, to Hamburg is 154. From Kassel to Basel is 517, to Berlin is 378, to Frankfurt is 193, to Hamburg is 307, to Hannover is 164. From Köln to Basel is 496, to Berlin is 569, to Frankfurt is 189, to Hamburg is 422, to Hannover is 287, to Kassel is 243. From München to Basel is 438, to Berlin is 584, to Frankfurt is 400, to Hamburg is 782, to Hannover is 639, to Kassel is 482, to  Köln is 578. From Nürnberg to Basel is 437, to Berlin is 437, to Frankfurt is 228, to Hamburg is 609, to Hannover is 466, to Kassel is 309, to Köln is 405, to München is 167. From Stuttgart to Basel is 268, to Berlin is 634, to Frankfurt is 217, to Hamburg is 668, to Hannover is 526, to Kassel is 366, to Köln is 376, to München is 220, to Nürnberg is 207.

Find out how far it is between major cities in Germany and practise some numbers again.

First use the table above to identify the distances in kilometres by road between the following cities, and write the answers in your notebook.

Suchen Sie Informationen in der Tabelle.

Frankfurt – München
Hamburg – Basel
Hamburg – München
Frankfurt – Berlin
Köln – Frankfurt

Now listen to the questions in the audio and speak the answers aloud.

Hören Sie und sprechen Sie.

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