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Food security and integrity: Summary

The ability to feed the current world’s population of over seven billion with adequate amounts of nutritious, safe and authentic foods is a massive challenge. Future predicted demands to feed an additional two billion will put even further stress on these systems.

The well documented effects of climate change and the polluted environment that has resulted from abuse of our planet are factors which will only serve to complicate food supply systems. The potential for contamination due to microbiological and chemical hazards due to accidental causes get ever greater as complex supply chains are further developed. The opportunities to undertake deliberate contamination to perpetrate fraud also increase as supply systems become ever more complex.

The role of science in protecting the integrity of food supply systems has never been in greater demand. We will explore what science is currently doing in this arena and further explore future demands on technological advances to help ensure the food we eat is of the quality and safety we expect and deserve.

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