Summary of the week

Thank you for your engagement throughout this week !

This week has defined the borders of global governance, highlighting the 4 types of interdependence addressed by global governance (between sectors of activity, domains of activity, territories and across time), as well as the limits of governance mechanisms.

Now that we understand what is global governance, and why and to what extent global governance mechanisms are necessary, we will assess next week the variety of tools used to regulate the behavior of different stakeholders.

Facebook live event on Thursday 30 November

On Thursday 30 November, I’ll be hosting a live webinar on the topic of the future of global governance.

Trump, Macron, Guterres…. we will discuss the recent debates on the questions of multilateralism.

Curious to learn more? Join me on Thursday 30 November at 5:00 CET.

Watch the live webinar

If you can’t join live, don’t worry. We’ll make the video available to watch afterwards.

Let’s continue the learning journey together.

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