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Welcome to the course and introduce yourself

Welcome to Global Resource Politics!

I am Younkyoo Kim, Professor in the Division of International Studies and Director of the Center for Energy Governance & Security at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea.

I am very happy to meet you all through future learn courses. I would like to extend my warm greetings in advance to students who are interested in taking Global Resource Politics. I have published widely on economic and security issues surrounding US shale gas revolution. The Global Resource Politics course will examine recent global economic and security changes in the wake of US shale gas revolution. Particular attention will be given to energy industry, energy market, and energy security in Asia, including Russia, China, Japan, and Korea.

To get it started, let’s introduce ourselves! It would be great if I could know what you are interested in, what you would expect from this course.

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Global Resource Politics: the Past, Present and Future of Oil, Gas and Shale

Hanyang University

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