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Skip to 0 minutes and 20 seconds Another thing from tourism perspective that what actually Pakistan offer to the Chinese’s tourists, first,comes the visa policy. So along with different countries such as Denmark,USA,UK and many other countries, Pakistan have 30 days visa offer to China and more than 30 countries. So that Pakistan is interested in foreign tourists and they offers such kind of visa policy. If we see that Pakistan traveling sector, it is moving more fastly than the rest of the world. According to IATA,domestic air travelling is increasing by 9.3%, and if we look at the statistics of Chinese tourists, so it’s from 2013 onward it is increasing day by day.

Skip to 1 minute and 33 seconds And similarly if we make a comparison of Chinese arrivals to Pakistan with other nationals, for example UK,USA and other countries, so Chinese arrivals are more high than the rest of the world. So for example UK was one of the regions from where a lot of tourists come to Pakistan, but nowadays Pakistan is a destination of Chinese tourists And we (Pakistan) are building a lot of facilities, for example Pakistan’s new airports are under development, and similarly new airlines are joining Pakistani fleets, and similarly different private organization are submitting applications for starting new domestic and international airlines from Pakistan.

Skip to 2 minutes and 39 seconds Similarly we have six sea ports, one of them is Gwadar Port which I already mentioned that is leased by Chinese government for 30 years, but we have also other sea ports which can be helpful to have connection and collaboration with Gwadar Port. And for developing tourism sector, Pakistan has launched its brand that is called Emerging Pakistan and in the rest of the world for example UK, we have just put these slogans on their buses and different buildings, so people will watch and have affiliation to Pakistan, and hopefully they will get to explore Pakistan.

Skip to 3 minutes and 42 seconds Pakistan tourism is basically booming these days as the security situation get better, so it’s increasing year by year and till 2016 it reached to 40 million domestic and international tourism. It is a good sign for the countries and it is because of China interest in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, so this bring a lot of prosperity,a lot of happiness in Pakistan.

What does Pakistan Offer to Chinese Tourists?

As a destination, Pakistan is attractive to tourists. In this section, Dr. Asif Khan will introduce what Pakistan offers to Chinese tourists.

What does Pakistan offer to the Chinese tourists from a tourism perspective?

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