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Meet the educators

This course was created by educators and researchers from Cardiff University, bringing expertise from different disciplines linked to water security

Meet the team

The course educators are:

Picture of Professor Steve Ormerod Professor Steve Ormerod is among the world’s leading applied freshwater ecologists. He researches global change effects on rivers, lakes and wetlands, and is heavily involved in environmental policy.

Picture of Professor Isabelle Durance Professor Isabelle Durance is the Director of the Cardiff University Water Research Institute, that brings together researchers across the natural and social sciences to address the challenge of water for people and ecosystems.

Picture of Dr Adrian Healy Dr Adrian Healy is a Research Associate at Cardiff University working at the interface of cities, water and resilience. His research explores how individual choices can shape the resilience of cities and society.

Course mentors

Our course mentors are Samuel Rowley and Maria Warter. They’ll be joining and supporting you during the course.

You can follow the team by using the links to their FutureLearn profiles. You’ll then be able to see all the comments they make.

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The Challenge of Global Water Security

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