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Skip to 0 minutes and 3 seconds The best thing about working in my team is the honesty and communication between us. Especially because I work in video work. It’s very much about feedback and criticism. Without constructive criticism, without getting someone else’s fresh pair of eyes on a piece of work, you’ll never be able to improve it. You’ll never be able to get the outlook of someone who may be watching our work. So the fact that we’re honest with each other. The fact that we can constructively criticize in order to make each other’s work that much better, the honesty of that is the only way we can work as a team and continue to improve our work. I think what makes it successful is how open everyone is.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 seconds There’s a lot of laughter in the office. It’s a very kind of unconventional office as offices go. We have a guitar on the wall. We have a chalkboard wall with inspirational quotes. It’s a team that doesn’t have kind of like your classic corporate– it doesn’t have a top down structure. It’s almost like a matrix. Everyone’s working together. And everyone understands that what they’re doing helps the business as a whole. In any working environment there are different personalities. I think that’s what makes working cultures so special and unique is because you don’t hire the same person over and over again. You hire different people who can bring different things and different outlooks.

Skip to 1 minute and 18 seconds So in a lot of offices I’ve worked in the past there have been personality clashes because it’s a way of life. In a company there will be people of all different types of backgrounds. You are colleagues rather than just a bunch of friends. So there will or there always will be people you might not get on with so well. But just that professional relationship is what I’ve always respected about these people. How they may not go home and have each other on Facebook. But in the professional setting they still fully respect each other, fully communicate with each other. And that professional sense of getting on with each other.

Skip to 1 minute and 53 seconds And even if you know someone isn’t your best friend walking to get your work done with them is something I really respect about people who can work through that. Nobody is an island in your company. So you have to work with suppliers and customers who you won’t get on with. As well as especially in your team. In my team we have a wide range. We have engineers and buyers and managers and people– accountants and MBAs and guys who went to the University of life. And they will always conflict. And that’s the key, because no one person knows the best answer. Try to share your opinion with others and do not work alone. Because you are the team.

Skip to 2 minutes and 37 seconds And receive others’ ideas that make you think better. Go on with a schedule, your working plan, because if you delay that will influence others’ working plan. I think as well just being considerate of other people too and workloads. So, for example, if you completed tasks and your having a bit of lull in working, and you see someone else is struggling, go over and ask if they need a hand. They might not need it, but just to offer that support and help.

Employee's experience of teamwork

In this video you’ll hear new employees talk about their experiences of teamwork.

As part of a team, they value being able to:

  • share opinions
  • be honest and open with each other
  • work with different personalities
  • offer each other constructive criticism
  • be supportive

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